Sunday, February 06, 2005

SuperBowl Sunday

Okay. Were not off to a very good start here. I just typed up something I was really happy with and so while trying to preview it, I just drop-kicked the whole thing into limbo. Nice. Forget about trying to recapture it. I'm on my third listen of the NO ROOTS album from FAITHLESS. That's how long it took me to find the appropriate names and titles for the blog and whatnot. So here we go... Why am I beginning a blog? Well, I found that a lot of my best free-form writing-commentary came to me while I was on the internet...either while composing an e-mail or doing instant-messaging. I figure that blogging is the logical extension of that. And hey, the aspiring-writer-ego wouldn't mind a possible readership for these mental meanderings...Let the adventure begin! So. Superbowl Sunday. We're about 8 minutes shy of it and that's probably when I'll be heading over to do some grocery-shopping. I figure the place will be a ghost-town, making for no lines, no waiting. Tomorrow, I'm sure I'm going to be hearing descriptive commentary from the folks down at the gym regarding the fantastic plays that are likely to take place. Not really my thing, as it happens. And even if it was, I don't have access to cable. Gave it up awhile back when an old roommate transferred it to my name...but then I found myself becoming the archetypal couch-spud. I'd be working on a letter and trying to pay attention to some rerun and found that I was doing neither pursuit justice. And I'd also found myself staring dumbly at a commercial before I realized I should be tuning out, not allowing Madison Avenue unlimited access to my headspace. So I ditched it. Now it's pretty much National Public Radio, Music, Reading, Movie Rentals, and DVD episodes of cherished television shows. WithOUT said commercials, of course. Anyway...Thanks for reading...and enjoy the game....


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