Monday, February 07, 2005

There's Got To Be...A Morning After.

Taking a couple of minutes to tap something before I head to "work". I use the quotes because this is a pro-bono thing I do in the name of friendship and a sort of community service, I suppose. Plus, it keeps the mind stimulated, hopefully staving off the malaise that comes with having too much time on your hands. I' m on a lengthy vacation so I have the time to "donate". More on that in a second. I went down to the gym this morning for it's 0500 opening. Why would I get up at such an insane hour on days off? The people, mostly. The local Y has become sort of a social gathering place for me over the years. You see the same faces over the years, you get to know people, and eventually, they become like...(can I type it without a sacharrine overdose?) family. Through this family, I've been able to network the resources together to purchase my first home, for starters. It's a utopian set-up in the sense that people from all walks of life come together for a common purpose. It's an oasis of stability in a sea of change. SO, it's good for the body...good for the mind, good for the soul. Isn't that the Y motto? Anwyay, as you can imagine, the buzz was crackling regarding last night's game. A good friend asked me if I watched it. No. So he calls me a Communist. He was joking, of course. (I think.) But Mister J. is a proud Republican, so what do you want? Didn't know that watching was mandatory in the Land of The Free. On the other side of that spectrum, I the gent I donate my time to is a rabid, well-connected Democrat. He's an attorney specializing in Immigration Law and actually served as an Ambassador for three years in Central America. Another Y-connection. I got into a conversation with him about language-requirements about such a position, sent him a couple of postcards from my travels, and lo, a friendship was born. He's an eccentric, olde worlde, bow-tied country lawyer who moves in higher circles without the requisite snobbery. This is SO far removed from my own existence, that I learn quite a bit just by helping him with his sundry office work. Feels like an internship, almost. Takes me out of my comfort-zone a bit. Always good for stimulation. As a matter of fact, I'd better make my way over there... Be Well...And Be Careful Out There...


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