Monday, February 07, 2005

To Err Is Human...

Yeowch. I went to do my volunteer work at the Ambassador's office and had a decent track-record. All it took was a single mistake to put a sour taste in everyone's mouth. I forgot to copy some papers before mailing them out(a big D'Oh! in an attorney's office) and once this came to our collective realization, the temperature dropped like a sack full of drowned kittens and the tension ramped RIGHT up. So for now, I'm persona non-grata, it looks like. Unfortunately, I let the non-stop barrage of media affect my mood today...which happens reasonably often. This morning at the gym, I heard this piece on a lady going to trial for killing her children. As my mood began to take the down elevator, I overheard a friend telling someone else that television news will always have us believing that everything out there is BAD. Which is JUST not true. So I'm thinking about how much information...depressing, elating, cerebral, and superfluous fluff is being beamed out to us EVERY day. How to make sense of it? I guess in the satellite-television/internet age, you can choose the outlet that reflects your OWN views the most. All I have to say is Thank God For The BBC. And I'm very grateful for that Mass Media class in high school. It shone the light on Madison Avenue and their Pavlovian selling techniques. No commercial ever looked the same again... I have a good friend and colleague who was supposed to travel from Minneapolis to see me today. He missed THAT flight and is now cutting through Detroit and will arrive four hours later. All in the name of friendship. Hard not to be humbled by that... Genuinely good friends are hard to find... All for now...


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