Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hedonism NOW!

A reply to a friend's e-mail... Hello, Ed... I don't know...Seems like the world could use a bit more hedonism along with a pint or two instead of oppressive religion-warped totalitarian bullshit that the George Dubyas and the Talibans of the world want to impose. Oh, and it would also help if our Military-Industrial Complex Shopping Mall McCulture wasn't pushing the continual message of consumer-materialist fellatio. I love it...I have a Conservative Friend who's a proud chest-beating Republican. He doesn't give two movements about the rest of the world so long as we "protect ourselves" and continually extols the virtues of our great country. But yet he's concerned that the meme of Santa Claus will be implanted into his son's head instead of little Baby Jesus in the manger, et al. "Well, what do you WANT?" I asked him. "America is one giant paid advertisement. Comes with the territory". Can't have it both ways...


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