Thursday, February 17, 2005

Cats...The Perfect Gift For A Friendless Loser

I read that on a t-shirt in a store once...and I had to laugh. I love cats even though I don't own one. But right now, I'm babysitting one for a friend who's out of the country. Chloey is a quietly spastic low maintenance black cat who I fallen for like a ton of bricks. I'm always talking to her in some stupid pet voice, picking her up, cradling her, cuddling her, and of course sleeping near her. I could easily see myself becoming a kind of cat-madam, sharing a house with fourteen cats with that vague whiff of cat-piss wafting through the air...
I spent a couple hours at my lawyer friend's place, running errands for him. One of my functions was to be a witness/signer for a will that was being drawn. Mr. B lent the proceedings a sense of ceremony with his dapper suit and bowtie. A true eccentric gentleman. His clients seemed appreciative that I was on hand for this. Another new experience outside of my field of knowledge...
Keep well...


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