Saturday, April 16, 2005

Three Days of Perfect Spring

I just had three days off at home. A lot of it was spent running around and doing errands but the weather was glorious. The time for deep, dark, brooding hibernation is over. I was able to help out my attorney friend by driving him around to meet a court date. Another sobering glimpse on how people botch up their lives. The district court room was PACKED with people and lawyers. Before his client parted ways with him, my friend gave hime a kindly, paternal get-your-life-together speech. "All part of being a lawyer," he explained. We stopped off to visit his mom out in the country where she stays in assisted housing for the elderly. This would be the last time he saw her before she moved to a nursing home out of state. I caught him sniffling a bit as we left and I pretended not to notice. A human moment in a larger-than-life gentleman. I left for AMS on the third of a perfect spring day. My mood was up and my patience with the traveling public was well-honed. (Did meditation help?) Anwyay, by refraining from the cheerful sarcasm, a number of people thanked for the wonderful flight when they were deplaning. Wow. Sometimes patience and civility in the face of ignorance, stupidity, or rudeness do NOT come easy to me. This was an easy passenger complement but there were moments I could have let out with a well-placed quip or two. But I pushed the urge away...and it payed off. It's great when an effort gets noticed or affirmed from time to time. Just to remind you that you're on the right track. A cold rainy day in Amsterdam. But I'm heading out to help celebrate a friend's colleague's birthday with a couple of martinis... Enjoy your spring


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