Thursday, April 07, 2005

Introducing Josiah!

(Below is an e-mail that I posted to a friend that features a wee little guy that has given me much light and hope for the past few years. In a very near-future entry, I'll give you the full rundown on this extraordinary(to me) little boy's background and what he means to me...(as well as his family) It'll most likely be a tale with many twists and turns...) Ellen... I'm juggling some wee errands before I head off to work today. I'm free Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday so let me know what's best for you... I visited J--, M--, and Josiah yesterday and the little guy doesn't seem to be having all that much fun there. He's reluctant about going for his potty whereas at hia mom's place, no problem. There are children to play with over there. There's an undercurrent of tension going at J--'s place that Josiah can easily pick up, he's sort of competing for attention as well... Poor little guy...He alway says to me: "You STAY." He wants me to move into his room for an eternal childhood of toys and hanging out. And it'll suck when he realizes that such is NOT how the world works. You'll like Georgetown. It's accessible to Foggy Bottom metro-stop. I would recommend seeing the Pentagon, Arlington Cemetary, and hell, even the million-step concrete stairway that Father Karras does a sled-ride down at the climax of THE EXORCIST. That's right in Georgetown right behind a gas-station. I walked up those steps a couple years back while art students were sitting on the steps sketching churches and whatnot. Lots of cool little pubs(however yuppie upscale) along the town as well... Give me a call and we'll set up a time/date. Brewski-Alert!


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