Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sexual Identity Crisis

On my last AMS layover, I fell in with a DTW crew and headed down to the Kraz Hotel Bar for the usual Apple Martinis. This pilot was part of the group who seemed to remember VERY vividly from a few months back. He was the one that subtly scammed on me using music as an intro. He casually invited me to his room and I politely turned him down. I hadn't even SEEN that coming. So he's along on this expedition. Down at the Kraz, of COURSE he's gravitating toward me and somewhere in the middle of the second martini, I said:"It's time for total truth between us. You like GUYS don't you?" "Well, yeah..." "And you like ME." "Uh, yeah". I told him that he was a nice guy but he wasn't my type and that if he was planning on being married to a lady and was faking his way through it, he had some hard decisions to make. I went to the bathroom. When I returned, he was still cordial but his body language had changed to REALLY formal. When it came time for HIM to hit the bathroom, he headed out...and never came back. A co-worker tells me that she'd been with this guy before and he was ping-ponging between two straight male flight attendants(a mathematical improbability in itself). I don't think he's developed gaydar yet. Plus he had that quiet air of desperation and creepiness thrown in. When I stumbled to my room later, I found a voicemail message from him from early in the afternoon: "Hey, ---, this is Steve. We talked some serious music in the bar one night and if you want to get together and hang out, give me a call..." Brrrrrrrrrr..... And of course, he couldn't even be CUTE to go with the creepiness. Sigh. I guess I don't have the TOUCH...


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