Thursday, March 03, 2005

Punch The Clock OUT!

Holy SH*T! I just tricked myself into a honest day's work! I went into my attorney-friend's office all set to do a couple hours of work for this Russian delegation that he has coming in. Cutting name tags, slipping them into small plastic holders and attaching those elastic string; making sure the list was accurate, seperating the tags into different folders...Grunt-work but time-consuming...When I left at 1700, his office mate Wayne says: "Hey, you can PUNCH the clock. Nine to Five! Just like a REAL work day." Everything stopped. Somewhere, a dog barked. And then I realized that I just did an honest day's work like the rest of the world. And it scared me. And I'd done it to myself. And I wasn't even getting paid. Friendship and loyalty? Or just abject stupidity? I may have nightmares about this... Hope you are well...I'm exhausted after w-W-WOR---OH CHRIST, I can't even TYPE the word...


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