Friday, April 08, 2005

Chairman of The Bored

Have you ever just been bored...with everything? Here I am in Amsterdam, in EUROPE and I can't think of a single reason why I would want to step out of the hotel or go downtown. Granted, I HAVE been here a billion times. But I have no incentive to go check out record stores anymore, no purpose to propel me downtown...(no, I'm into the legalized prostitution or the shopping market of drugs that's available here) Hell, even a trip to the Albert Heijn supermarket across the street didn't even yield up any alcohol that I wanted to sample. Everything seems grey, listless, and pointless. Not in a black, depressed sense...more like sipping an old cup of coffee in an underground-concrete bunker under the soul-numbing glare of fluorescent lights...with one of them flickering, of course...No purpose, no function, no passion...Here's hoping for some color and vitality tomorrow...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"When a man is tired of Amsterdam, he is tired of life"

-- Samuel Johnson, liberally paraphrased by D Wilde

8:16 AM  

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