Wednesday, August 17, 2005

And My Response To The Conservative Note...

Hello, Captain... Good to hear from you. As much as I dislike labels, I guess one could refer to me a liberal. However, I am NEVER averse to hearing viewpoints that differ from mine...provided that they are not lunatic rantings...And I've heard both from both sides of the political divide. Here's the thing about the political division in our country today: You talk to a liberal, and they will swear to you up and down that the conservatives are co-opting the airwaves in an effort to whitewash the facts to suit their agenda. FOX NEWS would be an obvious example offered up. They like to see themselves a virtuous keepers of the flame of freedom and knowledge, on the run from these Flat-Earthers. But guess what? I hear the same thing from the conservatives in my life...How the Liberal Elitist Media is taking over the media, distorting facts, eroding values... So which one is true? Is there such a on overwhelming deluge of media-spin that you can literally reach into the vortex and pick out literally ANYTHING, any viewpoint that support your socio/political/religious?philosophical worldview? I would have to say yes. What is truth? Depends on the invdividual, I suppose. We tend to believe what we WANT and to discard the rest. What would Orwell make of this situation?


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