Friday, August 05, 2005

Random Thoughts From Communications...

G-- >Got 3 pieces of mail from you today. One is the card > from AMS. Thanks for all 3. It's really nice to > get mail from you. You are going to have to send me > a card from Scotland. > > Your a sweet guy to say those nice things about me. > But really G--, there SHOULD be more sunshine > than shadows. Shadows are reserved for low points > which we all get now and then but geezzz G-- try > your best to fill your life with the high points. > Isn't it more fun to laugh than be sad? > > I really do enjoy hearing about your travel > experiences. Some are sooooo funny and some are > soooo ridicules. It's almost like a flying Fireye > at times. LOL ! > Bill > > ----------------------------------------------------- > Bill...THE POWER OF POSITIVE INTENTION And that's what I'm using every time I get onto that aircraft so I can have a better flight experience. Trying to find that line between dignified service and taking no bullshit. Not an easy line to walk at times... A friend just sent me an article regarding the training of OXB candidates to replace us in times of strike. Seems that conditions aren't so great at Building F in M---s. Stress-levels are high for the candidates and many of them are quitting. Fine by me. The weaker the legs for the company, the better... ...And as far as darkness in my life goes, there's been less of it of late and you have a lot to do with that...Yes, I agree there should be more sunshine in one's life but one doesn't always have that luxury when you have to deal with some faulty wiring upstairs. I know it's a tired explanation but I inherited the groovy manic-depressive tendencies from my mom's side of the family...But this stuff can and is being treated with medication as well as life-practice... Speaking of mom, I had a dream about her last night/this morning. I dreamt that I was hanging out with Liam and we were stopping at some convenience store for a drink or something. Suddenly, there was my mom in her blue winter coat, fretting about how I wasn't taking good care of myself and yadda, yadda, blah, blah...I clashed with her at first but then softened a bit. Then she went away. Liam bought his drink and then turned to me. "Who were you talking to?" "My mom," I replied. "She thinks she's still alive." Pretty cool, hey? G--


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