Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dream Weaver

Hello, Kim... Country and Celtic...two genres not all that far removed from each other actually. You saw SONGCATCHER, right? About a professor who found a traditional Scottish tune that was handed down intact through the generations up in the Kentucky Black Hills. I remember having a bunch of Kentucky-folk on a Glasgow flight once, marveling at what a clash of accents that would be. But the American one is actually a descendant(of sorts) of the broad Scots they were hearing on the airplane...Glaswegians are a whole other subject entirely, but you get the idea. I have to admit, I am a LOT more into country than I would have been in my teen years. It's an essential part of our National Musical History...As a matter of fact, here's a web-site run by a colorful American original of a character...Joe Brussard. He's had a piece in MOJO Magazine(A Brit Music Mag) and a independent 'zine CHUNKLET interviewed him. I can imagine the walls upon walls of vinyl that must adorn his house. But his definition of country music ends with the death of HANK WILLIAMS. End of story. >< Recently picked up a disc entitled WHAT IS HIP? A remix project featuring classics from the Warner Brothers vault. Worth the price of admission ALONE is the remix of Gary Wright's DREAM WEAVER by The Supreme Beings of Leisure. Turns an out-of-body drift into a round-the-cosmos astral-travel experience. Great stuff...I would say the only clunker features Maria Muldaur's MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS. There is NOTHING that can save THAT pile... (Oh, that reminds me...I once came across a """collaboration""" between my two most favorite HATED singers/performers...Celine Dion's MY HEART WILL GO ON as remixed by Kenny G. Vile. Simply ghastly. Listen, what's your snail-mail address these days? Always looking for an excuse to send a card or letter... Danny once told me that you moved back to the old farmhouse. Fact? Anwyay, Kim...Sounds like things are relatively stable. When I gather up the courage, I will pick up the hated telephone. I have to admit, it's my least favorite mode of communication...but it's not COMPLETELY shunned. I DO use it from time to time... Keep the faith, Listen to the music...GaP P.S.--What did you think of the MATRIX SEQUELS? I remember you liking the original quite a bit. One picture of me panicking on my garage roof attempting some home-improvement...and another a year later(three weeks ago) getting ready for Carolyn's Birthday party. Peace, man...


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