Monday, July 18, 2005

Common Sense Versus Customer Service

Diane... You have me a bit concerned with that possible cancer news. Repetitive horror-sequels like that belong in only one place: The video-shelf. My fingers are crossed... (Speaking of horror-movies and their sequels, have you ever checked out SCREAM/2? The Belangers aren't big fans but if you've ever screamed at characters in a movie because they were so godDAMNED STUPID, they DESERVED to meet their masked-psycho demise, you will like these flicks. Very post-modern, almost existential in their observation of tired horror-themes...You can completely SKIP the third...) I had to smile when you were discussing customer-ignorance. Forget about common sense and an awareness of the world around them. Ain't gonna happen. They are the star of their own reality-television show. I.Q. is NOT a prerequisite. Trying to wonder about it will only make you nuts. On yesterday's flight, this older lady had a pile of snotrags accumulating on the floor next to her seat. (And I know they were hers because I provided the tissues.) I asked brightly, "Why are you throwing your used tissues on the floor?" She was flustered..."I'm, uh, not doing it on purpose."(Sure. Nothing like three or four snotrags ACCIDENTALLY falling to the floor.) "Gosh,I HOPE not. Something to drink?" "No," she pouts. There are some things I'll put up with on that aircraft but THAT shit isn't one of them, age or no... Oh, and speaking of shit, I had the pleasure of seeing(and smelling) a father changing his daughter's dirty diaper right in front of a meal cart containing some clean set-up trays. I had to ask, "Can I get to those trays so I can complete my meal-service, sir?" Also, they had stacked two of their dirty trays together and placed them in the same cart. Just to be a dick, I asked that he UNstack the trays so they could fit back into the cart the same way that I presented them. REALLY tired of self-absorbed parents who feel that the entire world should revolve around them and their Messiah-Children. (Humans seem to think that the propogation of the species is imbued with some special MEANING. F--king and reproducing isn't THAT special. Cockroaches, rats, and houseflies do it without higher mental functions justifying it as an act of "love" and "family". This is not to denigrate human beings and their accomplishments. Rather it's a reminder of our own bloated sense of self-importance. If we're so wonderful then why are we still enslaving/killing each other LIKE insects? But I digress...) Okay, rant over. Don't know how it is over in the midwest but HERE it's ridiculously humid which is why I'm staying in with my beloved air-conditioning...Oh, I'm sorry..."A.C." Keep it real, Diane. Keep writing. Rewriting the novel is when the REAL work kicks in. By the way, do you keep a blog? Look into it if you want to have a semi-public forum for your thoughts and observations. And check this out: >< The gamut of human experience is on here...given voice by some ART. All The Best...G.


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