Monday, July 04, 2005

The Leap Home

Geo...Warmest thanks for the ride home...Wasn't a very goodflight...The fact that a friend would wait for me to give me a ride home is nothing short of humbling. Especially a friend of your stature...Take care, Ambassador. I will be in touch. No turning back now...You're stuck with me. Bowtie lessons willbe in my future. Speaking of which...earlier pics of your legal/political career show you favoring a longtie...then the bowtie showed up in the 80's/90's. Why the change? Just curious...All The Best, my friend...G-- G---, it is a pleasure to help - you do so much for me. Plus you looked haggered. I have worn bow ties intermitantly since law school. But it was mixed, depending on the mood of the day. In the mid 80s, I threw out my straight ties and went exclustive bow. Even now, I am having some old ties converted. It always struck me as odd that the concept of business dress was a piece of cloth hanging from your neck to your waist. A bow around the neck seems much more natural. Sort of like of finished package. I'm on the internet in the 80s? That's a surprise. Watch out for those old novels. Geo. Hello, Geo... Back to work today...Attitude refreshed hopefully...Went up to the Mountains yesterday with a friend and walked the Flume Gorge. Unfortunately, we got stuck in traffic around the K--- highway. But I got a crash course in how to use an iPod. I've been giving B-- stacks of my compact discs to put into his iTunes software...I finally figured out how to get the thing to shuffle. 2 days' worth of music in random order. Never knowing what you were going to hear next. A great way to widen the musical horizons. And not one Celine Dion song in there, thank Christ... Your venerable office-mate and I were discussing how your mode of dress had changed somewhere in the mid-80's. The newspaper articles down in your office feature a straight-tie up until a certain point. Truly the bow-tie suits you better... it lends a dash of class and old country-lawyer integrity to your practice. And we all KNOW the importance placed on IMAGE in our general society. Yes, I can only IMAGINE how haggard I looked. The flight went well for the most part but Jesus, one only has so much patience before it begins to sputter out. I had one exchange with a passenger over a misunderstanding that got under my skin. Had me evalutating/doubting myself a bit. It would be nice if people in general would realize that front-line customer-service staff have (gasp!) feelings under the company colors...(Waiters, waitresses, anyone who has to put on a friendly face to deal with SOME personalities that would be better served by medication and instutionalization rather than being out in public.) You can TRY and not take things personally but sometimes the bullshit gets through...and then you become jaded. No fun for anyone... Okay...must dash. I will be in touch. Thanks again, my friend...G--


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