Sunday, June 26, 2005

Hello, Charles... Listening to this excellent piece on NPR about the Cold War Atomic Horror Films and the political context surrounding them. Very cool. Love them. I remember seeing old reruns of them on CREATURE DOUBLE-FEATURE...a mainstay of Channel 56...All heralding the arrival of Steven Spielberg's WAR OF THE WORLDS. I just love how INVASION OF THE BODY-SNATCHERS is reinterpreted throughout the various decades...Fifties, Seventies, Nineties...(I've seen the the last two...Not the classic first. I should do some sort of a marathon...)It's interesting to see how these type of movies are a triptych of the prevailing national climate. Last week, I called in sick. I was tired of the passenger-bullshit. I could feel my patience slipping and the sarcasm slipping out. What do you expect with that many cultures with all of their various wants and needs? Yesterday was particularly trying. I know I'm not exactly sweetness and light sometimes but yesterday I counted THREE specific incidents during the Immigration Form Distribution Nightmare when I COULD have lost my shit...and didn't. I took deep breaths, shut my eyes, and counted...Whatever it took. Trying to be helpful to a bunch of people who want your PERSONALIZED attention(MORE! NOW!) would probably test the mettle of Christ himself...(Never MIND the Patience of Job...) I'm home now. Planning to enjoy the time as much as I can. Thinking of heading up to C-----for a bit of browsing. Great used "record" shop there as well as some cool card shops...Always looking for new stationary to use...I'm an incorrigible letter-writer...I keep hearing that it's a dead art but WHO CARES? Just DO IT ANYWAY! I LOVE it...wish I could turn it into some kind of career. If you have the means, Charles...go to Paris. Europe has a handle on culture, class, and civility. America is still a petulant little bully screaming at another bully in the schoolyard. Call me a Euro-Snob but doesn't the grass always seem greener on the OTHER side? (Parlez-vous francais, monsieur? C'est une langue comme la musique...) Thanks for the note...and stay cool. Speak soon, my friend...G--


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