Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day

Wow. Ray just left to meet his friend. He told me that when I didn't call last night, the feelings of abandonment swept over him... ...and he couldn't finish. He broke down into tears. I was touched and humbled by this. He has three out of four children who have exiled him from their lives, some more completely than others. And the one who DOES talk to him may not even get around to sending him a card or calling him because she's oh-so-busy maintaining her nuclear family... So I sent him two Father's day cards...and then there I was between two flights, NOT coming home, NO word of where I was...He felt alone, lost, forsaken...His generation, people his AGE are used to family cohesion...togetherness...being in touch... And never having been raised in such an environment I value my autonomy and freedom. Especially when you had a domineering mother trying to control every aspect of your life... (Where was I? I was making drinking-buddy stops on my way home up the hill. Something I don't usually do.) It's humbling to know that people care for you that much. A phone call wouldn't have hurt. I will remember this. Happy Father's Day.


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