Sunday, May 01, 2005

Prophetic Dreams

Working the flight home today, a co-worker said after the meal service: "I feel like I'm working in a f--king mental ward!" Yep. With screaming babies, rude and unsocialized people, and the general goofiness that comes with 285 people being jammed in a metal tube for 7 hours, things CAN get a bit weird. Always a challenge for the patience and civility. I wanted to address a series of dreams that I've been having since I went up to my dad's place in Quebec last week. I'm always in some version of a high school and there's always some sort of a test looming...and I'm always stressed about passing it. Is this a prophetic dream? Also I have this nagging little voice in my head that says..."You're a good life- observer, Gary. You have a fine eye for the details and nuances of human nature. But when are going to be a PARTICIPANT, Gary? When will you step down from the sidelines? When will you find your purpose and MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Damn good questions... All for now...Happy spring.


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