Thursday, June 23, 2005

Political Exchange

An e-mail from a politically-minded friend and my reply... ------------------------------------------------ G--, give particular attention to para 2 of Wes Clark's remarks. See what you missed? G--- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello, G---... Quite a speech. I now realize what you saw in the man to get him into the last presidential race. (I remember when your name was mentioned on NPR when you went out to Ohio to petition for him. "Democratic Activist G--- B---" THAT G--- B---?) His idealism and optomism is almost infectious. I say ALMOST because I WANT to believe in everything he proposes. But I also know that every world-power(I'll say this instead of EMPIRE for the sake of politeness) has it's turn...and then it declines. Implodes. Turns inward. Pick one. America was a nice idea. But once again, the very human traits of greed and powerlust have scuppered the ideals. Money is the constant. America no longer has the moral high ground if it ever did. All it has now is Might Makes Right, the ethos that our current president seems to subscribe to. Thanks for listening. See you soon...G--


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