Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Friend In Deed And In Need

Ray... Some thoughts on the friendship theme. I told you that if K--- and E--- were TRUE friends, they would see past the conflict and analyze the reasons FOR it...learning from it so it wouldn't happen again. This is how a friendship or relationship usually deepens and evolves... You made attempt to reach out to K---. He gave you the cold-shoulder in a juvenile manner. Understandable but disappointing. So what determines and defines a friendship? Why should you even try? Why should you put forth the effort? Jesus, how do friendships FORM? By some bizarre accidents of fate? Maybe frienships last because you don't get to know people TOO well because some people can't take a friend holding up an HONEST mirror to a rational manner of course. No one likes to look at the flaws in their character...but I think it's necessary for growth... You're a naturally friendly person, Ray. You have no problem making friends, associations, and connections...A person could learn a lot from you...Maybe friendships are a combination of many things...where you work(D----y), who you meet through other friends(T--), or common interests(C---n, L--m) Maybe it's something not even to be questioned. One door closes and another opens...some stay open for longer than others. And if you're DAMN lucky, some doors stay open for YEARS or for LIFE... Keep opening doors, buddy...And thank you for helping me to open some of mine...G..


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