Sunday, July 10, 2005

Drinking Buddies

Just came back from my latest trip...showered, took it easy...Just futzing around on the computer. Since I blew off two days of workouts before the trip, I felt sedentary...blobular. So when I got to AMS after patiently dealing with another mental ward, I launched into my stomach exercises, took a nap...and then hatched a plan. I decided that a trip to the NH Kraznapolsky for Happy Hour was in the budget. When I was in the airline's computer room, I befriended a Detroit-based pilot and latched onto him for a drinking buddy. He was a up for a walk down to the ferry which puts us in at AMSterdam Centraal Station. He brought me to a small bar where he bought me a pint of Belgian beer then when proceeded to the Kraz. We had several rounds of drinks...I enjoyed some Apple Martinis and we had ourselves an excellent, well-rounded, universe-spanning, pub-type of conversation. His family, MY family, movies, music, history...the type of conversation that stimulates and bonds you to another human being. When we parted ways, I stepped out of the hotel and saw two kilted men near DAM Square. They HAD to be Scotsmen on holiday. I asked them where in Scotland they were from. Fort William. I'd been there once. I didn't tell them about the sucky bed and breakfast and my failed attempt to climb Ben Nevis Mountain in the rain...but I DID tell them that the Scots were my favorite people...and the first gent said "Come wi' us..." I had to turn them down. They were beginning a bender that my liver wouldn't survive. And I'm sure that I would have a hangover that would have left me permanently color-blind or something...I'm sure I would have seen the sun come up if I'd gone with them...Not a plan when I had to work a flight the next day. Would have been a braw time, as the Scots say... "Come wi' us..." Had a nice mellow bunch of people on board the plane today...Kind, courteous, laid-back...A pleasure to look after...I actually ENJOYED my job for once. My patience wasn't actually being challenged or tested. See it IS possible... Here's to The Craich...


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