Monday, August 01, 2005

The First of A Trilogy?

Hello, Charles... Just came back from what will be the first of three consecutive trips. I need the time off in the middle of the month to visit Scotland. My first time there for TWO years. Things have indeed changed. I wonder if it'll feel the same when I return. Today's flight was a WORKER. Rewarding, though. One passenger was deplaning and said to one of the pilots in attendance(regarding me): "This guy worked HARD today." Nice to know someone NOTICES the effort, you know? Meanwhile, one of my colleagues, William, completed his FIFTH one in a row and he'll be transferring to the home base as of next month. Mainstay Boston people are transferring out right and left for various reasons...Easier commutes from their hometowns, better trips...Change is in the air and I'm not sure that it's good. My fellow flight-attendants are SCARED. They're not sure if there'll be an airline to work at in a year's time...And the fun all begins with the mechanic's strike that's almost certain to start on the 20th. Time will tell... How are you doing, friend?


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