Thursday, August 25, 2005

Good Against Evil

Hi G--, I've been out of the loop with trips, computer hard drive crash and all. Sorry about the "radio silence." I didn't want to write a short note since I've got a lot I'd like to say. But a short note it will have to be right now. Of course you read super hero comics and watch things like Star Wars! It's the seeming invincible enemy against ordinary flesh and bones that is the THE BIG STORY ... always has been. Today we're living out our own real life epic that looks so very much like something from the pages of myth: THE CORPORATE SYSTEM ACCORDING TO CHENEY, the Corporate Monolith or The Empire, against Russ, G-- & Friends ... The Resistance. The stories we've read and watched through the years have been simulations (Ref: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card) for the real events. It may kill us (although in this case I think it won't ... this is a simple fight about money, which is, in fact, a metaphor for something a lot bigger) but we, the underdogs, will be vindicated in the end. That's the way myths play out. It is usually the ones who chicken out, surrender and quit that wind up either being automatons (1984 and Brave New World), lackeys or dead. The heroes always manage to get by if they stay brave. Remember when we had the discussion about possible global annihilation? This is kind of the same thing; so what if we loose our jobs and wind up living on rodents in the woods? It's part of the grand adventure! Luke didn't look like he really enjoyed riding that beast in the desert, but there he was. Right now it looks like DARTH DOUG AND CO. is winning. Some of our colleagues made some crummy choices in the fight. They let emotions get in the way of cunning. Our own labor leadership may screw up too. But that doesn't mean we have to let THE POWER defeat our personal spirit. Keep the faith, brother! Russ --------------------------- Hello, Russ... Thanks for the note. I recall replying to it last night while I was on my third glass of wine...or was that all just a hazy-booze-dream? Actually, Russ...I think the reason why there IS courage-fiction in the first place(heroes in the form of cops, super-heroes, cowboys, John McClanes, Marty McFlys, Sarah Connors,James Deans, or whatever form they take)is a simple one: In real life, the Bad Guys always win. Might always makes right, money and power are constantly fellated and flaunted and there are those out there who will stop at nothing to get it...A trait which seems to be admired and encouraged despite our lip-service to honor and morality. I'm getting to the point where I don't have the energy to stay brave. Morality is a minor glint of light off the steamroller that's going to run you down and pave you over for the new strip-mall. What's the fucking POINT? The power-mongers have all the cash, muscle, and manpower on their side. Being righteous is good if you're a preacher and you're getting paid to spread the myth of divine goodness to the blind sheep out there who WANT to believe that humanity is inherently good. But I think any intelligent person KNOWS better. Or SHOULD know better. "And if you think peace is a common goal, that just goes to show how little you know..." --The Smiths DEATH OF A DISCO DANCER I will always try to to do the so-called RIGHT thing. But I wonder ever-increasingly: "It JUST doesn't matter." An eternally classic line from Bull Murray in MEATBALLS. And a truer word was NEVER spoken... Still looking for something to believe in...G--


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