Thursday, August 18, 2005

Le Peintre En Batiment

Hello, Cure P---... Dammit...I was in the middle of a lengthy e-mail to you and the computer decided to cut out. I think I've been hit with that nasty-ass virus... So I will type on with caution...My first adventure with painting had, pardon the pun, mixed results. Bill helped me to get the supplies and taught me the practice of "cutting in"(painting the outlines of the walls first and then filling it in) and the value of blue-tape. Under his tutelage, my confidence grew... And then I continued the project by myself. When I put up the BumbleBee Yellow and stepped back to see the contrast against the bright Maroon, the seeds of doubt sprouted a branch. I went downstairs and my roommate Ray spied the color on my hands and laughed. "That's a REAL Canuck-color, Gary..." And he was right. See, everyone from my dad to my annoying spinster downstairs neighbor in the old place...almost everyone I know who hailed from Quebec or had a deep French Candian background have tended to favor awkward gaudy colors. You know, as if they were semi-color-blind and had to choose an ass-backward aggressive hue to compensate. Like they were aiming for a certain combination of the color wheel and couldn't get it QUITE right. And it seems as if I've inherited that gene. But not enough to keep that sickly yello. So I slapped a cream-coffee over it. The result? Something BETTER...but not exactly the scholarly, denlike color-scheme that I was aiming for... Seems as if the bizarro Quebecois color-gene within me WILL have a voice... At least I didn't get paint on the books... A la prochaine my good friend...G--


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