Saturday, January 14, 2006

Reality Setting In

I just got in from a two day trip. It was a two-day Milwaukee layover that I picked up to make myself financially (more)solvent for the months of January. With the 21% paycut, this paycheck was lean and once the holiday pay honeymoon wears out, it's going to get a lot leaner. For the one or two that glance at this blog, you may have gathered that I work for an airline. One of many that are being raped by it's upper management for fun and profit. Morale is crumbling, apathy is a warm, comfortable blanket that I wrap around myself. Some passenger out there didn't appreciate my caustic demeanor? Tough. Enjoy your $100 ticket. We(the flight-attendant group) are powerless. The pilots have the clout out of all the work-groups. And they may have to use it to gum up the airline...Get the message out that we're not willing to get sacrificed on the altar of corporate greed and catastrophic reorganization. Every time I check my e-mail, I get forwards from my colleagues regarding the Union representing us and how negotiations are going. The news is demoralizing and demeaning. PAYCUT and OUTSOURCE are the two words that are on everyone's lips when they perpetuate the despair with their ear-to-the-boardroom-door theorizing... Maybe I can get hired at Newbury Comics. Pay would suck but at least I could work around music and comics all day...GaP


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