Sunday, December 18, 2005

Am I A Sick Bastard?

I saw this piece on CNN about a Christmas display in HUNTER'S CREEK, Florida. It depicts Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer hanging gutted from a tree with the red lights dripping onto the snow representing his blood. Of course, it elicited the usual moral indignation in the neighborhood...but I thought it was hilarious, twisted as it was. Warped genius, actually...Guess the redneck dude and I would be having a few beers together in his deer-shack while the upstanding families in the neighborhood picketed, complained, or whatever it is that the morally self-righteous are wont to do. I remember several years back making a Christmas card which depicted Rudolph getting beaten up by Comet or one of the other reindeers while the others jeered off-camera. Stuff like, "What's the matter, Rudolph? Gonna CRRRRRyyyyyyyy?" and "Let's not let him play in any of our reindeer games!" On the inside I did this rant on how the Red Nosed Reindeer was a mutation and therefore ridiculed as a freak...UNTIL his freakishness could be put toward a useful lighting Santa's way at night as he piloted his sled across the world. Once Rudolph's gift or curse could be exploited by mainstream society...only THEN was he accepted. If I can scan it, I'll post it onto this entry... Wishing you all a relatively "normal" Christmas...GaP


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