Wednesday, November 30, 2005

File Those Comics!

DesMan... Another filing session has been completed for another six months or so. Sometimes you have to wonder just WHY the hell you bought certain things, you know? Whenever I file the Batman and Superman shit, I just plop the latest batch just before the annuals, one-shots, mini-series and whatever else...There are SO many regular titles with these two characters in them with hop-scotching storylines, I've given up a super-anal-retentive numbering system. As I was going along, I kept pulling out these dumb little one-shots and forgettable minutaie and put them in a stack meant for wee Josiah. I figure there could be nothing more magical than a colorful stack of comics without any sort of context. You just open them up and get swept in by the pictures. That's how it happened with me. A reprint issue of Wonder Woman. It was am 80 Page Giant or some such...but it had the COLORS! The Invisible plane! That magical lasso! Paradise Island! Bullets and Bracelets! I remember her Grecian-style footwear as opposed to the usual red boots...The second foray into super-hero fiction was an issue of BRAVE AND THE BOLD teaming BATMAN and WILDCAT. Was it Earth-1? Earth-2? Who cared? I just remember the clean Jim Aparo art. His fight scenes looked liked they HURT! And the ears on BATS...Great stuff...and that was it for me. Yard sales, thrift-shops, mom and pop grocery stores, the smell of newsprint; big, bombastic lettering, stories that began and ended with the dreaded cliff-hanging DON'T MISS NEXT ISSUE many of which I never discovered the resolutions to. (I guess that's where the collector-itch comes in...) And let's not forget those most-excellent television tie-ins for SUPERFRIENDS, The Mighty Isis...and the not-so-excellent tie-ins of THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN from Charlton Comics...Ah, those early years of discovery... Any similar tales to share? Hope all is well...GaP


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