Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Music Hell

Very interesting that you brought this to my notice. Did I ever mention my infatuation with the Vertigo label? Another coincidence is that I just got "Verve Remixed" which is some fancy remixes from classic jazz on the Verve label! Do you have the Vertigo disc? Man, I would love to hear that. Also there is a three disc Beatles bootleg called "Tuned to a Natural E" that consists of illegal remixes of Beatles faves. Haven't got it yet...but I will. T ------------------------------------------------------------- Tonez... No Vertigo Disc... My interest stems from Andy Votel...whom you'll reading about in the the latest RECORD COLLECTOR when it arrives in your hot little hands...I have Volumes 1 and 3 of VERVE REMIXED. Mostly for the artists doing the remixing rather than the original acts. Nothing against jazz but you know...The marketing is flawless. What better way to get modern music hipsters INTO jazz than remixing the tunes? Motown Remixed is also out. Not sure I really care about THAT, you know? I want BARRY MANILOW Remixed myself. Actually, NO I don't... You saw THE RING, right? I'd like to do a music video version of the dreaded videotape. Clips from videos/interviews with folks like CELINE DION, THE(FUCKING) BEE GEES, any live "BLUES" act from any bar, KENNY G, those pussy "classical" acts from PBS like Andre Rieu or whatever the fuck his name is, the rock-nostalgia infomercials from the same source(oh YES, life was SO great at the sock-hop, Motown, or wearing bell-bottoms and love-beads "PEACE, maaaaaaaan..."), the street-musicians from The Andes Mountains, the video from the dude who sings "Nothin's a-gonna breaka my STRIDE...", anything from ANY AMERICAN IDOL act or alumni...Ashlee Simpson or that ilk, anything from recent PAUL MCCARTNEY, clips from the LAWRENCE WELK show, same with SHA-NA-NA, anything referencing how GREAT VAN MORRISON or JOE COCKER is, any of the pretentious U2 videos featuring the modern Messiah BONO himself, anything from any BOLLYWOOD musical, musicals in general... Then you get the phone call... And then a voice whispers..."Seven days...until your music collection gets replaced by ALL this lame shit..."


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