Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Getting The Study In Order

Hello, Captain... Well, I'm on the internet yet AGAIN because I want to take yet another break from getting my study into shape. Or it WILL be a study once I finish painting the walls. And soon as I get shelves for the pile of books lying on the floor. And as soon as I get some affordable study-like furniture. I'm not to the point where I'm living from paycheck to paycheck but I'm getting pretty DAMN close. Anyway, I'm trying not to get into that morose mindset as you dig through your possessions where that voice whispers in your ear: "Wow. 37 years on this earth and all you've done is amass a book-collection the majority of which you've never read. Cool. You're stupid. Your life's a waste." Yeah, thanks. Anyway, it LOOKS like progress is happening... Regarding music...I seem to find the stuff that I NEED to hear at a particular time, regardless of the genre. One of my favorite bands, NADA SURF, always seems to put out new music right when I'm at some turning point in my life, at a juncture where I need some REAL answers...none of that trite feelgood soft-rock with DELILAH with a fuzzy-blanket shit. I like my truth and by extension OPTOMISM to have the ring of hard-earned truth to it...No CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE CYNICAL, MANIC-DEPRESSIVE, COMIC-BOOK AND MUSIC-OBSSESSED FLIGHT ATTENDANT'S SOUL for THIS slacker...) Anyway... I would have LOVED to seen you reminiscing with your old Navy buddies. You're a part of a proud tradition, Captain... Today, I'm off to see what I've missed for last week's comics...and to see the ZORRO flick. There's too much nastiness going on the world right now. Need a bit of an escape... I will be in touch...Keep the Faith. And keep up the good work...GaP


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