Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Are We Living On Krypton?

G--, Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I'm going to read it again when I get back in Va; when I'll have time to ponder. Meanwhile the thoughts will have a day or two to "ferment." I am eager to hear about your "first bonafide paranormal experience!" I'm always interested in events which "split the veil." A while ago you mentioned visions of the Apocalypse. In the past week I've been, not quite overwhelmed but certainly, acutely aware of the amount of bad news; the hurricanes, the tidal waves, the earthquakes, the Bush administration, the War (in Babylon of all places), the populace's fascination with fluff and no substance (what is that biblical quote? "They will dance and screw until the last minute?" That's a very loose paraphrase, no?). Anyway, add the airline's problems to the mix, including a financial future far different from my expectations, and it makes for a pretty depressing scenario. With all that said ... enjoy your trip! Russ


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