Monday, October 24, 2005

Response to "And Then Everything Changed..."

Hi G---, I found the quote I was thinking about yesterday concerning our experience of the divine; the eternal. It comes from the 1995 winter issue of the magazine “Parabola.” In an interview Jacob Needleman says, “The point is that there is another emotional nature in us which is free of the ego. We can touch that … when we’re in love [or, as he says in another place, wonder, which is what you experienced, or grief], but it easily gets mixed with something more egoistic, just as grief often turns into guilt and self-reproach. And wonder can turn into ‘I’m going to figure it all out, I’m going to become like God,’ or something like that. When one’s standing under the stars, one has a feeling of wonder … one feels ‘I wish to be part of this – more, I am part of it – I’m a very small being, a small thing, but I’m part of something great,’ and that can turn into ‘Now I’m going to solve the problems of the universe,’ and then it’s no longer wonder.” That directly speaks about your experience with the meteor. He also says, “[Recognition of one’s sense of incompleteness is a] recognition that life is not what we thought it was, and we are not what we thought we were. In some of its forms it is what we sometimes call a ‘midlife crisis,’ and sometimes it happens when we’re young. In a way, our whole culture may be passing through that now, in the sense that our modern world has been increasingly motivated to give people what they desire physically, socially, materially. We are waking up to the fact that physical and social satisfaction does not really bring happiness, well-being, or answers to the great questions of life. It never will, it never can.’” I was thinking about the respective paths we’ve taken individually these past few years. Being more true to our authentic self, starting down that road, leaving the “old way” behind, are we any happier? Is there any sense of greater satisfaction? The only thing I can identify is that I’m more genuine. But that’s like saying “I’m not going to wear clothes just to be fashionable.” Where is the sense of happiness or satisfaction? I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi G---,Sorry for the delay in replying sooner, I have been away again and no accessto email.A big thank you for sharing this very personal moment, your honesty andcandour as, as always, appreciated.So, I guess you have to change your name to Paul now, that's usual for these'on the road to...' experiences, isn't it?Sometimes we do need reminding that there is someone/thing/power/ out there and it is generally benevolent, if we allow it. The correct frame of mindfor acceptance is also important. When I was told I had this brain tumourthing recently I took a dive, for almost .5 of a second. My faith zoomed meskywards again rapidly and as you know all is now well so, I was right notto be concerned!Keep 'em coming, it's always good to hear from you.Ciao for now, awra best!Steven.PS And yes, there are a lot of people out here rooting for you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear G---, Thank you for sharing that very beautiful ...and way POWERFUL story with me. That shooting star was no accident !!!!......YOU ARE NOT AN ACCIDENT.....but were created wonderfully by Him !!!!! are precious and unique to Him.... there is only 1 G@P !!!!!!!..... keep looking will be seeing more signs, ROCK ON, your friend, Andy


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