Sunday, October 16, 2005

Another Round A' Golf

Hello, Danny... Well it had to happen...G-- accompanying Kenny on the Hazlehead, Aberdeen golf course...Four players...Himself, Oggie(Named after Angus Og, apparently), a gent named Ian and Postman Bob...I had the digital camera in tow as Kenny played what he considered to be a suck game. 18 holes just melted away for me because of two ciders and occasional hits of rum and coke from Oggie's makeshift flask bottle. I was their official photographer with the digital camera. Like the game itself, the pictures were of patchwork quality...had a hard time getting the players in mid-swing but I got some decent shots here and there...Kenny learned what he was doing WRONG by seeing some of his own poses... As you can imagine, I've hit Virgin and HMV Record stores at least twice and I visited a record fair down on Market Street today. Tonight, I'll be hanging with the Hendersons and tomorrow, The Fergusons. R-- Strachan down in Dundee was busy with his sister from Australia so I didn't have to look at a bus or a train ONCE! Better go hang up the laundry...Rock on...GaP


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