Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Is He Or Is He NOT?

Hello, Mark... Oftentimes the BEST humor...or humour is "black as the devil's cock", as my dad would like to say. And speaking of paw...when my dad was over here, he saw my Ferris Bueller wallpaper on the computer and Ray says to him: "That's Gary's favorite guy." And suddenly the dots began to connect in my dad's head. You could see the wheels turning. And Ray quickly told him who Ferris WAS...MUCH to his relief. But paw IMMEDIATELY jumped to that conclusion...as if it had been on his mind for quite awhile. This is like some daft sitcom where EVERYONE in the audience knows the truth and so does my DAD but no one actually comes out and says it. I almost want to put him out of his misery so he can get on with business of ACCEPTANCE... Or is that selfish? Hm.


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