Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Word On Bow-Ties

George...Warmest thanks for the ride home...Wasn't a very goodflight...The fact that a friend would wait for me togive me a ride home is nothing short of humbling. Especially a friend of your stature...Take care, Ambassador. I will be in touch. No turningback now...You're stuck with me. Bowtie lessons willbe in my future. Speaking of which...earlier pics of yourlegal/political career show you favoring a longtie...then the bowtie showed up in the 80's/90's. Why the change? Just curious...All The Best, my friend...G------ --------------------- G---, it is a pleasure to help - you do so much for me. Plus you looked haggered. I have worn bow ties intermitantly since law school. But it was mixed, depending on the mood of the day. In the mid 80s, I threw out my straight ties and went exclustive bow. Even now, I am having some old ties converted. It always struck me as odd that the concept of business dress was a piece of cloth hanging from your neck to your waist. A bow around the neck seems much more natural. Sort of like of finished package. I'm on the internet in the 80s? That's a surprise. Watch out for those old novels. George


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