Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Love Generation

Nat... Thanks for the note. Like the essay stated...I don't feel all that much different mentally from my teenage years...Emotionally, I would have to say that I'm like yourself: Somewhat more jaded and cynical...but what are the alternatives. The only thing you can do is be the best person you can be... If the mind isn't ageing, the BODY certainly is. My OWN back is getting all fucked up and I'm sure it has to do with work-related luggage handling. Argh. Only ten more years minimum until I can retire with a pension. Yep, it was INDEED Black Tuesday. It amazes the SHIT out of me that a majority percentage of Americans believe in Creationism versus Evolution Theory. This religion shit has gotten WAY out of hand. I'm sure that movie is an eye-opener but after FARENHEIT 911 and the resultant depression, I'll give it a pass. It's not that I DOUBT the cover-up angle, it's that it throws a cold-wet blanket of futility over me. I feel even MORE ineffectual. I'm sticking with National Public Radio and the BBC World Service for news without the spin. I thought of you the other day. Ordering up myself some PETER, PAUL, AND MARY because, well, they're just GOOD. And relevant even now. Right up there with Pete Seeger. The Sixties, rather than the iconography that history tends to regale us with...(Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out; Peace and Love, Psychedelic Freakouts) seem to yield up many other facets when you look at without the media-historical sheen. Understated Folk Protest Songs, A Cuban Missile Crisis, Civil Rights...I guess for a while there, the times were INDEED a-changin' Too bad it wasn't for the better. Human nature just drags it all down sometimes...That lust for money and power seems right up there with the need for food, water, and oxygen. But then there's YOU, Nat, and folks LIKE you: Those who have only accepted The System as much as needed instead of swinging around 180 degrees and becoming uberRepublican like MANY of the former love-bead-wearing Baby Boomers. Man, that alone gives me hope... Thanks again, Nat...I will be in touch...G--


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