Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Musical Musings

Hello, Paul Just a note to say hello. When I stepped into the weight-room yesterday and was assaulted with the BEE GEE's "STAYING ALIVE" , I wasn't quite PREPARED...I can tolerate almost anything but a transition period usually helps. When I got in there, I realize that the Seventies had this definite aural texture because of the various musical styles...funk, disco, soft-rock ballads, and some hard-rock...But for the most part, I can see why punk-rock was invented. MUCH of seventies music was pretty bland and vapid. (But then how does one explain the HAVE A NICE DECADE 70'S BOX SET from Rhino Records in Gary's Collection? the Guilty-Music Fairy Asks...) Once upon a time, I saw you in Barnes and Noble perusing the Classical Music section. Is that your general preference? What sort of music colors your world? I have a good friend...I bring over a STACK of cd's so he can load them into his computer via his i-Tunes software. As a result, he has quite the eclectic jukebox. DAVID BOWIE features quite prominently, for example...Nothing like sharing good music. Anwyay, Paul...It's always a pleasure to see you at the gym. You're a beacon of warmth and light down there. Thanks for being YOU, Padre...G-- -------------------------------------- Dear G-- Thanks for your note. As far as music goes, I enjoy pop, rock, and classical. I especially like classical because I can put a CD on and read at the same time! Do you have any long trips coming up soon? I know you mentioned my seeing your new place. Perhaps we could do that some time in the next few weeks. Just let me know what would be good for you. Take care, G---.


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