Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Trimming The Fat

Hi G--! Yes, I've seen one episode of "Deadwood." The one show did not give me a real feeling for the series, but I was taken by the writing and what seems to be "period dialog." I never thought, when I watched "Rawhide" and "Gunsmoke" years ago that the lingo really used by 19th century cowboys would be closer to George the Second rather than our own George the Second, Son of Bush. I'm doing rather okay with the bankruptcy news and fallout. I'm preparing for 80K less than I was a year ago. It's kind of like I'm doing my own Chapter 11 Reorganization outside of the courts. In one, albeit perverse, way, I'm enjoying the process of rationalizing expenses and trimming fat. I thought I was already pretty lean, but I'm finding there's more lard that can go. Hey! It's all part of the adventure and the process. And like I've said, even if the adventure brings death (which it will at some uncertain time), I'm in for the thrill of the journey ... let's just see what happens. I can say this after careful analysis. I am not wearing rose-colored-glasses or living in denial. Even the shitty stuff happens for a reason. And people are built to be problem solvers. While I may not welcome the challenge of economic turbulence I can accept that it's part of the system. I can choose to either ball up in the fetal position or take a look at the realities and deal with them. So I've started the process of refinancing the Big House, I'm starting to pare cable service, DSL lines and the like, I've sold my townhouse and will, unless I do something in the next month, be homeless by November 1st. I've paid my daughter's last semester tuition (now just the #1 son will need education funding) so that'll add to the cash savings. I'm thinking about buying a boat and doing a lot of living on it. In that case I'll just need an efficiency apartment here in town. So the next five weeks will see some changes ... practical matters, most of which bore me to tears. I'm heading out to B.C. next week for a little R&R. I've got almost two weeks off ... I'm going to read your blog next. Stand by for more replies! Take care, brother! Russ


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