Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Just finished a two-day Providence domestic thing. I conducted a small experiment. On the AMSterdam layover preceding this one, I saw this piece on manners and etiquette on BBC Breakfast. The news presenter Simon McCoy rose to feet and shook the hands of the two experts to greet them. The mark of a true gentleman. So I put this into a practice a few days later. My crew and I were waiting for boarding to begin in Detroit. The new pilot crew stepped on and we were all sitting there, relaxing. I knew the Captain would be making his introductions...so when he extended his hand in greeting, I rose to my feet and extended my own in response. He didn't say anything but there was a look in his eyes, an aknowledgement..a certain respect? I just got the sense that it made a favorable first impression. And it was such a simple thing to do. Took and extra second and I actually passed myself off as a civilized human being. At the end of three segments, I said goodbye to both of the pilots. Despite the fact that they were on their cellphones, I made it a point to shake hands with both them...I got the respectful nod again. A simple thing to spread a bit of warmth and civility. I'll have to put this into practice... Off to Amsterdam tonight and then to Scotland. Let's try it AGAIN!


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