Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cordiality Response

The Brits are currently working on regaining the civility for which they've been long known. Recently, however, the country has come under the grip of grunge and rudeness (just like ours!). I wonder if the show you saw is associated with the "national politeness program." There is a difference when we apply the grease of manners. I always stand when I meet someone. When I brief the crew I wear my coat (in season). It is a mark of respect for them; I know they'll appreciate my consideration of them as professionals (it also sets a good tone for whatever portion of the trip we might fly together). Standing up when ladies come and go from the table; saying "please" and "thank you;" wearing the full uniform when saying goodbye to passengers ... hell, man! This stuff really works! My son, now 19, says that he's really grateful his mother taught him how to be polite. He recognizes that it is society's oil. Have a great trip, my friend! I'm home for two days between trips, packing and getting ready to move out at the end of the month. I still don't know what I'm going to do about living arrangements ... but something will come up. I've got a storage unit and a bunch of invitations for lodging here in Virginia. I was thinking the other day how freeing it would be if I didn't have the major financial responsibility associated with my estranged spouse. The worries about salary cuts, pension theft and job security would be greatly reduced. I could chuck it all and go fly DC-3's in Africa! I could buy the boat and just take off! Wow! But this is not what lies upon my path. I do have responsibilities. In a way I'm happy to have them. It's kind of like a Zen koan for me. Talk to you soon! Russ


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