Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Aberdeen, Scotland. 3:42 am

Coming home today, God willing...A friend of mine who works at Aberdeen Airport has offered me a ride there so that means I have to be at the door at 0430 Greenwich. I woke up an hour ago so because I couldn't sleep so here I am at my friend's computer checking my notes...and I still have an hour to pick up. Still, better to be too early than too late... Yesterday, I went to a nearby town called Stonehaven where I did the walk to Dunnotar Castle and then visited this pub where one of the locals bought me a drink and we had a chat. She was...not a dwarf but her hands were. Weird. And when I came in, there was this one gent blabbing to the whole crowd about his adventures in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Apparently, he was the town mental patient and he was chatting to this Canadian couple...and the crowd around him. An auspicious start but it ended up being a decent bit of the "craich". Got the train back to Aberdeen at 1830 and got a bus up to Kenny's place. Getting good at the transport-system here. Imagine buses that run up until about midnight? Now THAT'S civilized...


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