Friday, October 28, 2005

Apocalypse Now and Then...

On the Apocalypse: My father used to talk all the time about "The End Days" and "Armageddon;" I got tired of it especially when he missed allof his "deadlines." Your point about the Dark Ages echoes one I used to make (and how I often look back on our theological and philosophical arguments with nostalgia ... I enjoyed them); I told him that if you were in a village sacked by the Mongol hordes then you might think "theend was nigh ... sho 'nuff." Maybe we each face our own personal "endtimes" even before we reach the big finale when the lights go off. The Sunbeams in last month's Sun speak about this (I'm glad you send me that magazine ... thanks!). This was a rough trip; I'm getting pretty near the end of my fuse regarding human beings' stupidity and apathy. It's hard to keep the faith. But as long as we have each other, as long as we keep remindingeach other about the light, then perhaps this adventure will be survivable.I'm still waiting to hear about the paranormal experience! In town for a couple of days; will close on the townhouse before I leave on Saturday. After that ... well, I'll keep you posted! Take it easy, brother. Russ


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