Friday, October 28, 2005

Mulder And Scully On Either Shoulder (My First Paranormal Experience)

Regarding the Paranormal Experience... To set up the scene, we have to go back about a month when Bill was staying over at my place. We were lying in bed in the dead of night...and then he started, looking toward the ceiling... "What's the matter?" I asked. "I felt someone watching me. And I thought I saw some movement." He surmised that it could have been the reflection of a car-light reflecting through the window. He said the presence felt female...But then it was gone. -->I<-- didn't sense anything... Fast forward a month. We were lying in bed at HIS place. I was just floating up from the well of sleep, just talking to him. As I looked toward the door, I saw this vague patch of hazy fog GREYNESS...Very indistinct. I wasn't even sure if I actually SAW that part of it. That COULD have been the shadow of my hand against the wall thrown by the light generated by his digital clock, my inner Scully surmises. But I don't think so, the inner Mulder replies. The part of the experience I WILL attest to was the sense of a definite PRESENCE right in front of me. We were being watched. "We're not alone," I said in mid-sentence. It didn't feel malevolent. It was just there. I didn't sense any gender. And it dissipated quickly. So what the hell was THAT all about? The common denominators: We were at the OTHER'S house when he had our respective "sightings". Both times, I was having some doubts about the relationship. Now I try not to be freaked out by these sightings just because the person/being doing the visiting exists on another plane or level. And being dead or departed is just another state of being. Our fear of ghosts is predicated on the fear of death...especially in western societies. So what do I make of this? God only knows...Was it my mom checking up on me? Was one of my friends doing some unconscious astral-traveling, wondering where the hell I was? (I tend to go out of peoples' orbit for long stretches of time...) Just some random shade who likes to look in on us like an ectoplasmic Peeping Tom or Tina? We will never KNOW. But it was a pretty cool experience. And it happened on the heels of my shooting star revelation. I submit this for your consideration...GaP


Blogger PipeTobacco said...


I like the new look of your blog! It has a pleasant feel.


12:29 AM  
Blogger Bueller said...

Hello, Pipe!

Many thanks. It was time for a change. The previous template looked a bit too generic. Congratulations on your the arrival of your brand new nephew by the way...GaP

5:43 AM  

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