Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Infinite Crisis

DesMan... Now THIS is what I read comics FOR...for some heroism, for some inspiration...all set in the framework of a kickass story. I just finished INFINITE CRISIS #1. Dark times in the DC Universe. Thanks to the extreme actions of WONDER WOMAN(murdering a man bent on world-domination...The equivalent of killing a gloating Hitler figure)no one trusts the world's heroes. And that's not even mentioning the Justice League's mindwipe of one of their enemies...The seeds have been sown. Reality is strained to the breaking point. So who better to come in and get our shit together? The original, FIRST Super-hero of ALL time...The ORIGINAL incarnation of Superman who'd been...elsewhere. This is gonna rock HARD. Too bad the FREEDOM FIGHTERS had to die, though. They were always my childhood favorites. Fittingly, even Uncle Sam got his ass kicked...looks like permanently, too...Prophetic? I finally broke down and bought that slip-cased JLA-AVENGERS thing. Nothing like a cosmic super-hero epic to help ease the mundane and sometimes SCARY bullshit of, the mortgage, the approaching winter and the increasing cost of oil, American politics in general...Shit, we really DO need heroes... And in keeping with Dark Times, I picked up the REVENGE OF THE SITH DVD. Will eagerly plumb its extras in the near future... Hope you're well, my friend...Are you back from South Africa? All The Best...GaP


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