Friday, November 11, 2005

The Reason Why I STILL Write Letters...

Cher Ami, Though snail-mail may be a thing of the past, it still says much about the sender who takes the time and effort to select an appropriate note, to transmit into writing what comes from a creative mind and thoughtful heart, to seal and stamp the envelope and to find a post box completing an what began as a thought of another. I appreciated your note - you are a true gentleman of letters, as is said among the most refind of men. Besides, it nice to receive a note and to anticipate the joy of eventually opening it after dinner. It truly constitutes a meeting of friends. The events in France are deplorable. Unfortunately it seems the nation is now paying the price of a very liberal immigration policy which attracted so many to its social welfare programmes. Seems if the reintroduced the Edict of Nantes of Louis XIV, the problems would be solved! Are you still associated with NWA or has their financial picture changed your work?? How is your cold? Charles-Raymond


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