Thursday, November 10, 2005

Family Values

How are you doing, mate? > G-- --- Jeff P--- > Bloody bonza mate > > Been off for the last 10 days (7vaction) so I've > been busy woodworking > building my office. Also been busy renewing my CFI > certificate (instructor > rating). Mostly trying to hunker down, batten the > hatches and prepare for > the onslaught from NWA. We did a 15% pay cut for > our Christmas bonus last > year and we are doing our Christmas bonus early this > year when we do a 23% > pay cut effective 16 Nov, more carnage to follow, > probably just in time for > Christmas. Yvonne and I are bugging out for the > entire month of Jan and > going back to Oz to celebrate my 50th with my > brother/sisters/parents. We > are also going to look for some land to buy while we > are there, some place > quiet, on or close to the water, and it must be dark > at night so I have a > good view of the stars (no city lights). If thing > get to where we are > working for a song and a dance with no benefits then > I'm going to cash out > with my home and just migrate to OZ, build something > small and cozy for > Yvonne and I and retire early. I love my job but I > refuse to accept that > level of responsibility and constant threat training > to stay current just > for entry level wages. A favorite saying from my > past comes to mind "they > can piss off, the load of wankers". Hope your world > is rosy and bright. > > See ya > Jeff and the rest of the mongrels Jeff... Thanks for the update...Onslaught is right...Our own paycuts begin on 16November...And since sick pay will be affected, I'll be calling in sick on 13Nov. It'll be the last sick call that I can be fully paid for so I'll take great glee in doing a bit of return-buggering... It'll give me time to work on the Christmas card... That's great news about OZ...I take it you still have your citizenship...For England as well? Ray and I were just discussing the concept of family. My dad called from Quebec last week and I have yet to call him back. This bothers Ray sometime but I had to explain to him that while he grew up with a pile of siblings and the idea of a cohesive family, my situation was the exact opposite. I had to create my safety bubble via comics and movies. So Family warmth and togetherness is a vague concept at best for me. Trying to grasp it is like a blind man trying to understand the concept of COLORS... I bring this up because the P---- Clan seems to be JUST that. A clan. A tight-knit family. I saw your interaction with your daughter and her husband...and the grandchildren...and I said to myself: "That's family!" I may not fully grasp it...but I surely do admire it. One of the BIG perks of moving to OZ will be being closer to your OWN parents... Pardon my rambling...I'm a bit under the influence. But not completely pissed... I'll be in touch...Big favor. Could you scrawl a few lines on an OZ postcard and send it my way when you get there? It would be greatly appreciated... All the best to you and yours, mate...GaP


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