Sunday, November 06, 2005

French Lessons By Web-Cam

Salut, Greg... Had myself a very cool internet cultural experience last week. I was on Yahoo Messenger and my friend from Orschwihr, France hailed me and let me into his web-cam. Now I know Web-Cams have been around for awhile but this was my first experience communicating with one. (I don't have one myself...)But it was fascinating to be typing in (pseudo)French and seeing his reaction to my messages an ocean away. Still, doesn't matter. Chances are, I won't be getting one. The only time I want to see someone's image is when I talk to him or her face-a-face. Still, it was an example of where technology brought me closer together with some good friends... I didn't know you knew Captain Williams. Not surprising. You have similar personalities and outlooks on life. He's a good friend of mine. This morning, I'm going to be shooting the pictures for the Christmas Card. Hope the weather and the wee one co-operates... Hope you and your family are well, Captain...


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