Saturday, November 12, 2005

Would You Like To Play A Game?

--- Russell R------> wrote: > G--... > I think you should have titled it "THIS is America" > and left off the > question mark. There's no doubt that we've got a > screwed up system in > progress. I'm glad you're spreading the picture of > the flag I took in DC on > Sept 24th ... it shows the symbol of America in > 2005. > "More gruel, please sir?" That is a Dickensonian > line that we will have to > trot out for our use when this is over. We'll be > standing at the base of > Steenland or Wilson's castle begging ... unless we > revolt. > The American revolution of 1776 was started over > the East India Company's > insistence that the crown impose a tax on tea. It > was in opposition to > fascist treatment. It is interesting that George II > was a big stockholder in > the Company. > Now we have a government led by corporacrats > imposing unacceptable burdens > on us. While Cheney, Steenland, Anderson, et. al., > enjoy shoveling in as > much as they can, they steal my pension to the tune > of a million dollars. > "They have no pension, let them eat cake." Well, you > know what, it didn't > turn out too well for Marie Antionette. > Keep the faith, brother. > Russ > > Russ... Are you kidding? That's one of my favorite attachments to use. (The flag photo) It looks like it comes from something like ADBUSTERS. I used to subscribe to it but it was SO loaded with fire and brimstome anti-corporate invective...Thing is, it's SO effective that I found myself just getting depressed about the whole world situation. Something like THE SUN is truthful without being borderline nihilistic. I have to tell you, the world-situation is SO far gone that I wonder if the bullshit CAN be reversed. I mean, do you honestly think that people are going magically wake up tomorrow and decide that we MUST clean up the environment for future generations, abolish war, and work for a better tomorrow? I don't. I believe that everything is cyclical and HAS to happen. After all, the Renaissance couldn't have happened without the Fall of Rome and the Dark Ages preceding it...(Although it kind of makes you wonder what the world would be like if the Dark Ages had never occured...Another alternative reality scenario.) Now this is not to say that I will roll over and do nothing...but certain realities have to be acknowledged...and humanity's lust for power and influence...(via money or whatever measurement of said influence) is a BIG one...The Gene Roddenberry Star Trek future is never going to happen. Oh, and when I see the wide-eyed wonder of people who are into astronomy and the possibility of going OUT THERE, UP THERE...the cyncicism kicks in. Sure, the sense of wonder will be there for the pioneers who blaze the trail and more power to them...But once the bankers, lawyers, and corporations follow, we'll just be exporting all of the bullshit that make humanity is so proficient at: The wars, the conquests, the pollution, the exploitation of resources, the GREED,...sorry, Captain Kirk. You might want to just keep going OUT of the galaxy... Just saw..uh, SAW yesterday...a truly demented genius of a horror-thriller movie...I would love to see Steenland waking up chained to a pipe in an abandoned factory with NO knowledge of how he got there...and when he plays the tape-recording that he finds in his pocket: "Hello, Mr. Steenland. You don't know me...but I know you. I want to play a GAME..." It's worth checking out. It must have hit SOME kind of nerve because a couple weeks back SAW II was at the top of the American Box Office...It IS unique...One part SE7EN, one part CUBE, and another part resembling one of the most demented BATMAN-type villians you would ever see...(And BATS has THE most fucked-up rogue's gallery. Joker, anyone? Scarecrow? Two-Face?) Anwyay, thanks for the Bon Mots. Do you have a mailing address yet? There's a thing or two I would like to send along... Thanks for keeping the optomism alive, my good friend and brother... Love and Respect...GaP


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