Thursday, November 24, 2005

Collector Mania

When does it stop? This is the question I've been asking myself repeatedly over the last few weeks. I have no more room in the flat but I keep buying. Comics, Maquettes, Action Figures..... I'm 44 years old for God's sake and I can't stop myself. I gave in and bought all the Kingdom Come figures (including the Red Arrow exclusive at Wizard World Chicago). Then I had to get the Dark Knight Returns figures. I started on Batman Hush and managed to call a stop after series 1 but now I've just splashed out on the Alex Ross JLA figures (just the heroes not the villains) including the DC Retailers incentive figure of Superman at double the cost! Having calmed myself down a bit I've now just seen the adds for the Darwyn Cooke New Frontier figures and, with the exception of Wonder Woman who looks a bit like a blow up sex toy (check out the mouth if you don't believe me) I'm already resigned to the fact that I'm going to have to have them as well. This is not counting my salivating over the new Hellboy figures that are in the shops, and there's that Mignola inspired Black and White Batman due next year...... AAAARRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ask again. When does it stop? -- "I'm a Touchstone Guy in a Walt Disney World". Des ---------------- Hey, Des... When it comes to action figures, I used to buy a whole lot more than I used to. But after a few house-moves, I started asking myself just HOW much longer I wanted to be hauling this stuff around with me? Comics, yes...I can see that. Same with books and graphic novels. But having action figures just go be a (near) completist...I began to find it a compulsive trait in myself. So my criteria is this...Do I like the character? If so, how much? When I see the ad in Comic Book News or wherever, do I catch my breath in anticipation? (This is the same rule of thumb that I use when I get newsletters of upcoming music or whatnot? If I don't get that burning urge of...'Gotta go DOWN there and GET IT!' then it invites contemplation. Example: A Power Girl Action Figure or indeed the whole of the Justice Society was a no-brainer. Shit, if they did one of the original Johnny Thunder, Jakeem, and of course, the thunderbolt, I would buy it. I think it HIGHLY unfair that all of the core members were awarded an action figure but NOT Johnny...Hell, if they did a modern version of the JSA...Yep. Sign me up...(I wanted the Carrie Kelly Robin figure but her hair was all fucked up) During the past year, I put back the action figures of The Guardians and Kid Flash(Bart Allen)...Did I REALLY need them? No. Did I regret the decision? No. But hell, what do I know? If you've got the cash and you really WANT them all.. Fuck it. BUT remember, a pile of possessions become an albatross around your neck. As Tyler Durden says..."What you own ends up owning you." True. But I still love my comics and music. I'll have to time my next visit to the UK when I know you'll be around. There's much comic book bonding to done, mate... Oh, Just read GREEN LANTERN:REBIRTH the hardcover. Verily... Geoff Johns can rewrite MY life... Hope you're well, my friend...Get yourself a Fortress of Solitude to put all of your stuff in...I've always wanted a cool trophy room...or a domicile of Immense Wonderment. Remember Aztec Ace(a time-travel comic series from Eclipse)? He had the Anachrony Den... a huge room with every conveivable timepiece you could imagine...How about a giant penny from the Batcave? All The Best, buddy...GaP


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