Friday, December 02, 2005

Let The Christmas Card Writing BEGIN!

A note in regarding the creation of my annual Christmas Card... George... I can see why you like dealing with Jim B---r. Very optomistic, very CAN-do. And I seem to be reaping the benefits of your association...which I'm very grateful for but don't want to rely on. He's cut me a pretty reasonable deal, it seems. You command much loyalty, Ambassador... Anyway, I took the other picture ot CopyMax and made a whole pile of postcards which I'll be using for my co-workers...I began banging them out last night while listening to a phalanx of newly acquired Christmas Music (NOT Holiday Music...CHRISTMAS Music)We're talking Mahalia Jackson, The Rat Pack(Sinatra, Martin, and SAMMY!), The Platters, a Christmas Remix album, and the rockabilly sounds of Reverend Horton Heat. A couple weeks ago, I was ready to give up on the card, now I'm FIRED up. Again, my association with you must be reaping dividends. All of that pesky can-do OPTOMISM! Grrrrrrrr.... Again, thanks for you help with this Christmas project, in hooking me up with the right people. It is truly appreciated, my friend...GaP


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