Thursday, December 29, 2005

Boxing Day Correspondence...

> > Hello, George... > > Sitting in a cyber-cafe in AMSterdam... > > This is one of those moments where you take the > time > to tell someone in your life that you appreciate > them > and the impact that they've had in your life...and > George, you defininitely have an impact. You > realize, > of course, that one of the reasons why I volunteer > my > time for you is to enjoy the pleasure of your > company. > And it's basically the easiest way to hang out with > you as your work schedule is off the scale...So, > what > better way to spend time with a friend than to help > him out a bit? > > I've learned a lot in your office just by observing > between filing and scrapbooks. The wheeling and > dealing, the warm maintenance of professional > contacts and friendships, how the civilized word of > law (and it's interpretation) can actually work and > reflect the more salient aspects of humanity, and > basically how to be a gentleman. (One can always > learn a bit of that polish to balance out the > ageing > teenager slacker vibe...but not supersede it, of > course...) > > In short, George, thanks for being a positive > influence...and thanks for making me feel as I have > a > purpose and showing some appreciation for that > purpose. > > Merry Christmas to you, Rona, Liza, and you > Mom...not > to mention to any number of the colorful and > remarkable colleagues, clients, and associations > that > have illuminated my path while in your > apprenticeship...Ed comes to mind. Professor > H is another. Let's not forget Mr. W > All > of them got a taste of THE MATRIX with the > now-pseudo > famous Christmas card. > > By the way, I take it that your Christmas present > is > going to come with a bit of instruction, I hope? > We P---s may have get off to a slow start...but we > are > fast learners. And can you imagine? One day, I'll > wear a bowtie and suit to the office. Won't THAT > be > scary? All The Best, My friend...GaP --------------------------------------------------------------------------> Dear G-- Thank you for your generous and > undeserved words. I apologize > for being such a workaholic, but want you to know > that I admire your many fine > qualities, appreciate your assistance, and enjoy > your friendship. > > Looking forward to your return; and yes, the can > opener does come with > instructions. > > Merry Christmas. George --------------------------------------------------------------------- > > George... Just came in from a flight with some code 6 turbulence...Imagine running for I-90's and customs forms, the smell of airsickness, fumbling for extra discomfort bags...These are the unglamorous rip-out-your-hair-chaos moments that I really LOATHE...but I'm safe, home, and dry... No need to apologize for your work. You have much that you want to accomplish in this world and you are driven. I think you would go insane if you had it any other way. My sales teacher once told me that there are people out there who absolutely CANNOT LIVE without that constant rush and drive. I imagine that would be YOU, my friend. And that's why I'm happy to do the stuff that would keep you at the office even later at night. When you're making the world a better place, you need all the help you can get...Through you and your associations, you have indeed shown me and taught me a lot. Hell, it was fun hearing General Clark's army tales in the YMCA locker room. Damn, he would have made a fine president... See you in the very near future, my good friend...GaP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear G, not sure what Code 6 is but I can imagine it is not good. I am not fond of the slightest turbulance, and so admire your ability to tolerate it on a regular basis. Glad you are safe and look forward to seeing you soon. George


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